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Chemical research has made significant positive impact on the world around us. However, aspects of such beneficial discoveries can also be used for negative purposes, which has led to the use of the term “dual use” to describe such research.

To encourage ethical conduct in science, in 2015, the United States State Department’s Chemical Security Program funded a project led by the American Chemical Society’s International Activities Office and supported by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to draft the Global Chemists’ Code of Ethics (GCCE).

The intent of this e-learning course is to provide scientists and engineers in the global chemistry community with opportunities to practice making ethical decisions in a variety of real-world situations. This is one step forward in nurturing an ethical mindset that can be taken back to the workplace and shared throughout the scientific community and the world around us.

The average completion time for this course is about 25 minutes. (Note: You do not need to complete the course in one session.)

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